The route

The Route of the Indiketes is the circular tour of the Alt and Baix Empordà in stages, with a route of 476 km that in the coastal area runs mostly along the GR-92 and in the mountainous area along the GR-2, but also they runs trails and unmarked paths that give this itinerary a special character.

The altimetry of the Empordà is variable: the highest point of the Route of the Indiketes is at 1,084 metres above sea level, in the area of Mare de Déu de les Salines, in the municipality of Maçanet de Cabrenys, and at other mountainous points passes several times over points that exceed 500 metres. On the other hand, in the Empordà plain area, the route passes almost at sea level. And in some parts of the more rugged coastline it runs along narrow, often technical paths, with constant ascents and descents. This variability in altitude and its long distance make the Indiketes Route a hiking challenge that is not accessible to everyone.

The Ruta dels Indiketes is also a very attractive route for mountain bikers. In some very difficult sections it is advisable to use a different route to the hiking route, but in 90% of the route the route is exactly the same, which is an added incentive for MTB lovers.

Technical specifications

You can see the 22 stages of the Ruta dels Indiketes in the following link: