The Ruta dels Indiketes is a 476 km route through the Empordà that can be done by anyone on their own and at any time of the year in the hiking or mountain bike mode.

The Ruta dels Indiketes makes available the route of the complete route in GPX format. In the hiking modality, 22 stages (of 20-30 km) are suggested, beginning and ending in towns that have various tourist accommodations for the night.

Of course, it is not necessary to do the route following these proposed stages and any user can start the route at any place and certainly if you do the route by bicycle you will need fewer stages to complete the tour.


If you want to have the official credential of the Ruta dels Indiketes that you will stamp along the route, you can get it at the following link:


If you want to download the GPS tracks go to the section STAGES and at the top of each stage you will see an icon to get them.


In the Stages section (at the end of each stage) you will find a list of the different hostels, guesthouses, inns and hotels available in each village along the route.

However, Ruta dels Indiketes has signed an agreement with a travel agency that has a wide variety of collaborating accommodation along the route: guesthouses and hostels, flats, agritourism, hotels of different categories and rural accommodation. All of them have the appropriate services to meet the needs of the activity of the Indiketes Route, and are guaranteed by the experience of the regular treatment of countless participants.

The different types of accommodation fall into two general categories, "Standard" and "Comfort", depending on the price and services offered. Standard" accommodations are flats, aparthotels, hostels and hotels up to 3 stars, while "Comfort" accommodations are flats, aparthotels, agritourism, rural hotels and hotels with 3 stars or more.

If you want to take advantage of this service, go to RESERVATIONS.