Useful tips

Doing the 476 km of the Ruta dels Indiketes is not easy and you need to have a minimum of preparation, but if you follow the advice we give you, you will manage it:

1.- Before you start, exercise for 2 or 3 days carrying the weight of the backpack you are going to carry. This will be useful as a physical exercise to tone your muscles and to determine exactly what equipment and clothing you will be carrying (the less weight the better).

2.- Here we propose a possible list of the material to carry. Remember that in case you don't want to carry your backpack, Ruta dels Indiketes offers you a luggage transport service between accommodations. Also remember that this route is not a crossing of an African desert and each day you will spend the night in villages that have a minimum of services:

  • 30/40 litre backpack

  • Sleeping bag

  • Boots

  • Trainers or hiking sandals (for breaks)

  • 2 T-shirts (you can wash your clothes in the place where you stay)

  • Jersey

  • Fluorescent armband (in case night falls without arriving at the destination)

  • Head torch

  • Trousers with zips (in case of hot or cold weather)

  • Reserve sports trousers

  • Waterproof or oilskin

  • Underwear - 3 pieces (can be washed as you go along)

  • Cotton socks in summer and/or woollen socks in winter

  • Sun hat

  • Fleece collars or balaclavas in winter

  • Sunglasses (and regular glasses for those who need them)

  • Backpack protector (to be used in case of rain)

  • Small first-aid kit (take only one if you are several people)

  • Towel

  • Personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, soap, etc.)

  • Sunscreen

  • Vaseline gel

  • Earplugs (for sleeping in hostels and not hearing snoring)

  • Set with needle and thread for sewing

  • Usual medicines (vitamins, muscle pain pills, etc.)

  • Multi-purpose knife

  • Folding cutlery set (spoon, fork, etc.)

  • Camera + battery charger + memory card

  • Video camera

  • Mobile phone + charger

  • Lighter

  • A small binocular

  • Pepper spray (for safety) and/or whistle

3.- To avoid blisters on your feet, it is very useful to make a military stop (5 minutes) every 7 kilometres or so, take off your socks and leave your feet in the open air for this time. 

Wear suitable footwear: hiking boots or trainers with good soles and cushioning. And adjust your clothing to the weather conditions by dressing in layers, like an onion.

5.- Remember that as in any long-distance route, the first 3 stages are the most difficult, then the body and mind adapt and walking becomes easy.

6.- Always carry water, in summer a 1.5 litre bottle for 2 people. Nuts and fresh fruit also help to replenish the body's minerals. 

7.- It is advisable to carry a change of clothes and a change of clothes in a waterproof bag so that they do not get wet if it rains.

8.- Always be careful. Remember that the Ruta dels Indiketes is done with your head (your feet or your bicycle are only your companion).

9.- Be cautious on descents, do not overestimate them. Bear in mind that accidents tend to happen more on the way down than on the way up.

10.- If you go in a group, bear in mind that its strength lies in the weakest of its members. You have to help and give confidence to the least prepared person.